How To Integrate Social Media Into Your Marketing Programs

On March 14, 2013, in Best Practices, Content, General, Social Media, by Jeremy Roberts

Today’s B2B marketers increasingly feel the pressure to quickly adopt social media and integrate it into their daily marketing activities. It’s not just the internal pressure from leadership but the constant bombardment of sales reps from the hundreds of vendors now pushing social media tools, analytics platforms, engagement platforms and lead generation programs. This pressure [...]

Creating Content for Social Media

On January 8, 2013, in Best Practices, Content, General, Social Media, by Jeremy Roberts

What is social content? Most social media professionals will say that social content is the conversation that happens within Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Yes, that is true. But what about the articles, whitepapers and technical documents that are typically attached to that social conversation? Is that content really social content or is it just content [...]


How Connections Drive Social Media Engagement

On May 6, 2012, in Best Practices, Targeting, by Jeremy Roberts

In a recent post titled “Three Pillars Of Social Media Engagement Strategy,” Sameer Khan, highlighted the three critical components of a solid social media engagement strategy: campaigns, content and connections. Each of these components together is mandatory for a successful engagement through social media channels. In this post, we will dive deeper into the connections component [...]

Why it’s important to also use consumer media when targeting B2B customers

On December 29, 2011, in Targeting, by Jeremy Roberts

Many marketers today define themselves to be in one of two categories; either you are a B2C marketer or a B2B marketer. First things first, what’s the difference? According to “B2C is an abbreviated term for business to consumer marketing. Business to consumer marketing is when a business markets products to a consumer market. [...]

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When targeting B2B prospects, whom are you selling to?

On December 8, 2011, in Targeting, by Jeremy Roberts

First, let me throw out a disclaimer in that I am speaking from my experience and am gearing this towards my industry and that it’s best to take my advice and mold it to fit your companies strategies and target market. When thinking of B2B, the first question that comes to mind is how big [...]

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Your LinkedIn profile, why is it important to…

On December 1, 2011, in Best Practices, by Jeremy Roberts

With every social media profile, there are always some key things that are important to have. But let’s be honest, not everyone has accepted these “important things to have”. For example, you need to have a profile picture. I’ve heard the comment “well, my resume doesn’t have my picture so why should my profile/resume on [...]

Social Marketing Best Practices

On November 26, 2011, in Best Practices, by Jeremy Roberts

Identifying Social Marketing Best Practices is a must for all marketers (B2B and B2C), but don’t just take what you read for verbatim. What really is a best practice? Wikipedia definition: A best practice is a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark. [...]

Social Marketing Defined

On November 26, 2011, in General, by Jeremy Roberts

What is Social Marketing? There are many definitions out on the web, so let’s look and see what they say. And obviously, my definition is geared towards my experience and expertise (FYI). Let’s start with what says: Use of commercial marketing in promotion of goods and services in a way that helps in promoting the consumers‘ and, by extension, the society’s well being. Now let’s [...]

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